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Lydie's philosophy

linen pajamas

Our clothes are hand sewn in Poland in a small family sewing room. We sew our clothes from natural, certified materials and we will not give up reducing production costs. We do not waste fabrics, we sew to the end, using all cuttings of the material. We pay decently to everyone who works for us.


We love things that get more noble over time. Dents in the wooden floor, classic toys with a timeless design that can be used by subsequent generations, the unique structure of repeatedly washed linen are beautiful, unique to us ... you can see in them remembered fragments of our lives.


We believe that you can make wise choices. We have little ...


We surround ourselves with good quality things that serve us for a long time, and we teach our children this, being aware of the importance of raising education with the spirit of ecology and caring for the environment today.


We love wood, linen, wool ... We encourage everyone to think about what you really need in life and what to give up.


Our mission is to spread knowledge about natural materials and show as many people as possible how they can improve your comfort of life.


We also want to draw attention to the problem of things that litter our planet. Clothes produced in tons of inhuman conditions, gifts that will only serve for a moment. Isn't it better to have one great thing that we can give to another child, friends, family than a few plastic things whose production is unethical and destroys our planet ...?


We believe in personal responsibility.

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