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Oversized Lydie women's shirt

Oversized Lydie women's shirt


Lifewear style shirt.


Perfect for sleeping and walking around the house. In a shirt with wide kimono sleeves, you can go out into the city, creating a comfortable and stylish outfit.


Made in Poland from 100% Polish ecological linen.


Our Polish, softened linen meets the requirements of the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate

It is free from dyes and aromatic amines. Free from extractable heavy metals and formaldehyde.


Possibility of personalization - elegant machine embroidery of the monogram / premium exlibris personalization


  • Czas realizacji zamówienia

    Czas realizacji zamówienie wynosi 2 /3 dni robocze.
    Czas dostawy 1-2 dni robocze na terenie PL przy opcji kurier

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