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Rampers Lydie

Rampers Lydie


An extremely chic one-piece outfit made of softened Polish linen, with mother of pearl buttons. Perfect for sleeping and long Sunday mornings. Often chosen and personalized as a baptism outfit or as a first, commemorative outfit.

Rampers is suitable for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin. Linen does not accumulate static electricity - it does not attract dust. It creates the best microclimate for the baby's skin. It is highly hygroscopic, absorbs and evaporates moisture from the body, the child sweats one and a half times less than in cotton clothes. It is airy and brings fresh air to the body.

Each subsequent step refines and softens the linen fabric, and does not wash out as is the case with cotton. Despite frequent use and washing of our ramper, you will be able to keep it in perfect condition as a souvenir item or give it to your younger siblings in perfect condition.

Rampers is organic, biodegradable and recyclable. The product is packed in ecological packaging.

The price of the product includes personalization - elegant machine embroidery directly on the pajamas, which will make it truly unique.

Possibility of embroidery -> add embroidery on our clothes

Colour: White
  • Product information

    100% Polish linen, meeting the requirements of the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate

    - free from dyes and aromatic amines
    - does not contain extractable heavy metals and formaldehyde

  • Delivery

    Shipping by courier

    Personal collection in Warsaw Żoliborz

    Order processing time: 10 business days

  • Lack of product

    If a product is out of stock, we sew it to order.

    Write to us

  • Personalized embroidery

    In the case of personalization, the order fulfillment period may be extended. The date is set individually during order processing.

    The return of personalized products, i.e. those with name embroidery, initials, ex libris, is not possible. This product is dedicated only to a specific person and is not suitable for further sale.

    A product with embroidery becomes individualized, created according to the customer's specifications and is not returnable.

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